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Bethania Joaquinho

Choreografin / Tänzerin


Bethania Joaquinho, professional dancer and choreographer. Born in 1988, daughter of Brazilian father and Paraguayan mother. Studied classical ballet and jazz dance in Paraguay. Made professional training courses in classical and contemporary techniques in Sao Paulo-Brasil. Teaches classical dance, lyrical jazz and contemporary dance. From 2008 to 2011 was dancer of the National Ballet of Paraguay, where she worked with international choreographers such as Fernando Hurtado (Spain), Austin Hartel (USA), Lars Scheibner (Germany). She was selected for the international tour of the company, making presentations in several cities in Spain, in addition to England and Portugal. In 2012 as dancer she join the cast the Ballet Stagium de Sao Paulo-Brasil.

In 2015 premiered her work ' 'Pulso Urbano' ' with the National Ballet of Paraguay. In 2016 she was invited by Lars Scheibner, artistic director of the Deutsche Tanz Company, for an artistic residence with the company. That same year she premiered at the Teather Neustrelitz in Germany, the work  ''Debka'' resulting from a process of collaborative creation with refugees from the Syrian conflict of the project of the Kunsthaus of Neustrelitz. In 2016 she debuts her unipersonal ' 'Maybe I can learn to love you ' ' with which was selected for several international festivals as ' ' Crear en Libertad ' ' Paraguay, ' ' Cerrado-Abierto ' ' Brazil, ' ' Festival Danza Contemporánea Bahia Blanca ' ' Argentina, ' ' Abril en Danza ' ' Spain. Currently she programs the premiere of her work ' ' Woman of Water ' ' in August 2018 in Paraguay, with a cast of 5 dancers and music and text by Oliver Holhlfeld, poet and musician German composer.