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Elisabeth Kaiser

Sängerin / Komponistin / bildende Künstlerin



Elisabeth Anna Maria Kaiser is a singer (classical, extended, belt), voice performer, composer (academic studies at the Folkwang University of the Arts Essen, State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart), artist (academic studies at the University of the Arts Bremen) and synesthet.

Within her artistic work and research she is experimenting with herself by intensely exploring the nature of genuine consciousness as well as by creating and experiencing direct and authentic artistic expression in the attempt to explain the nature of genuine consciousness. Thereby can originate something new and until now unimaginable. 

She is motivated by the visionary description of a new kind of physics by the English mathematician and physicist Roger Penrose. He characterises quantum coherence in the macroscopic dimension as potential key to a non-computable action at the boundary between classical and quantum physics and therefore considers it a chance to approach the nature of genuine consciousness - directly connected with the fundamental space-time structure of this physics. 

Besides she correlates her artistic research to latest integrated approaches connected with insights in quantum physics, like "qualia science" or "fundamental awareness" by physicist Menas Kafatos and Dr. Neil Theise, that allow integration across widely different disciplines to the nature of consciousness on the assumption that non-dual awareness is foundational to the universe, not arising from interactions or structures of higher level phenomena. 

Emphasis of her international artistic work is the Project “Jaborosa” - Voice Performance together with nonhuman living beings as conscious identities, especially plants.