„iSCHtah“ + Künstler im Dialog // im Rahmen des „Gmünder ART Festivals“

„iSCHtah“ + Künstler im Dialog // im Rahmen des „Gmünder ART Festivals“

Sa, 29.06.19
Das Tanzkollektiv WeAVe zeigt ihr neues Stück „iSCHtah“, ein Tanzstück über eine skurrile Begegnungen, die zu einem Wertekonflikt führt. Und tritt in einen künstlerischen Dialog mit spartenübergreifenden Künstlern, um neue Synergien zu entwickeln.

Ensemble/Künstler*in Tanzkollektiv WeAVe // Britta Gutbrod und Marleen Streicher
Choreografie, Regie und Performance Britta Gutbrod und Marleen Streicher

Termin und Ort
29.06.2019 // Uhrzeit wird noch bekannt gegeben!
Remspark + Innenstadt Schwäbisch Gmünd

Eintritt frei!

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SEEDS: Dance Laboratory Workshops & More (Kopie)

SEEDS: Dance Laboratory Workshops & More (Kopie)

Mi, 04.09.19

Produktionszentrum Stuttgart invites all professional dancers to a special new encounter of dance: The SEEDS Dance Laboratory-festival. In five intensive days, the dance scene will be witnessing and participating in the interaction between two fabulous and international choreographers/teams: Cooperativa Maura Morales  and Iván Pérez. 
Every day, after a physical warm up, the choreographers will share and exchange tools of their own works with the participants. SEEDS is a laboratory, in the form of workshops, for artistic practice and exchange of creativity. A coaching program, meeting rooms, showings, and talks will frame the dance laboratory-festival.

Cooperativa Maura Moraleswas founded in 2010 and consists of the dancer Maura Morales and the composer Michio Woirgardt. 
Maura Morales studied dance in Cuba. She was a soloist at different state theatres in Cuba, Germany and Switzerland. Since 2008 she´s working as a freelance dancer and choreographer. She won numerous prizes such as the 2ndprize for best choreographer at Solo-Tanz-Festival in Stuttgart, the audience award for best solo at the International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Islands – MASDANZA and best solo at Internationaler Tanzwettbewerb Hannover. In 2013 she received the prestigious Kurt-Jooss-Preis for her piece Wunschkonzert as well as the jury prize for the best dance performance at the internationals dance fair in Huesca/Spain. Michio Woirgardt is currently one of the most sought-after composers and live musicians for ballet and contemporary dance. He received his education at the renowned University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, as well as at the Saarland University of Music and Performing Arts. His compositional approach is also in the fusion of musical parameters, which at first glance seem completely contradictory. Michio has created a very personal style in recent years, which appeals to the choreographers of the ballet ensembles of state theatres, as well as contemporary ensembles of the independentscene. 

 Iván Pérez born in Alicante, is a Spanish choreographer. He is the artistic director of the new Dance Theatre Heidelberg (DTH) at Theater und Orchester Heidelberg. His career as a dancer began with IT Dansa before he joined the Netherlands Dans Theater (NDT) in 2004. After his debut choreography for the Netherlands Dance Theatre 2 in 2011, he fully committed himself to the creation of new works. As an associate choreographer of the Dutch production house Korzo numerous choreographies were created in the following years. Having worked freelance, he created and set work for international companies such as Balletboyz, Ballet Moscow, Compañía Nacional de Danza and Dance Forum Taipei amongst others. With his company in Heidelberg he fosters the growth and outreach of contemporary dance in the region and artistically explores the Millennial-Generation in a trilogy of work at the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg. 

Termin und Ort
Produktionszentrum Tanz+Performance, Tunnelstraße 16, 70469 Stuttgart

Kosten und Anmeldung
180€/Mitglieder&Studenten 150€
Anmeldung mit CV und kurzem Motivationstext unter info@produktionszentrum.de


Ad on
Tuesday Sept 3rd:
18.30 – 19.30 h 
Get to know the choreographers – an evening talk

Maura Morales, Michio Woirgardt and Iván Pérez will present their current choreographic approaches.
Moderation: Juliette Villemin

WednesdaySept 4th– Friday Sept 6th:
10.00 - 17.00 h. with 1 hour break

On the first day, Maura Morales, Michio Woirgardt and Iván Pérez will present their working and creating ideas to the participants. The rest of the week start will start with a warm up, followed by a Dance-Laboratory-Exchange.
After the Laboratory, the participants have the possibility to get in Feedback-Rounds with the choreographers. If interested, please send in advance a request with a concrete question or topic you want to discuss.

SaturdaySept 7th:
10.00- 15.00 h.
The Laboratory concretizes ideas and results of the four days of work. 

+++++ OPEN SPACE for Rehearsal at our beautiful dance floor +++++

20.30 h

A showing of the laboratory results will be presented in Produktionszentrum Stuttgart for general public





SEEDS Dance-Laboratory Workshops & More